Pick & Pack Services

Looking for Pick & Pack services in New Jersey?

3PL value-added logistics services can be a cost effective strategy for large and small businesses in New Jersey. Glenway specializes in 3rd party fulfillment and warehousing.

Pick & Pack Services

Glenway Distribution can help you with your pick and pack fulfillment needs. The pick & pack service is flexible for large and small volumes customers. Pick & pack services can be setup for ongoing fulfillment or a one time project.

Pick & Pack services are one of Glenway’s most popular value-added logistics fulfillment services. Our Pick & Pack fulfillment services include but are not limited to taking ordered goods out of warehouse stock and packing and shipping them to the end customer.

Need Flexibility in Pick & Packing?

  • Individual order fulfillment by picking products from the warehouse and packing for customer shipment
  • Breaking down pallets for shipment of individual cases
  • Picking and Re-packing cartons or pallets to meet customer requirements.
  • Large and small volume customers

Warehousing & Distribution

Store your products until they are ready for delivery at Glenway’s 427,000 square foot warehouse. Use Pick & Pack fulfillment services for direct deliveries to your clients.


From Port  to Warehouse to Customer

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