Glenway the Green Way

We provide top quality logistics, warehousing and distribution services while mitigating the environmental impact of our business practices.

Glenway proves it’s easy being green by constructing the region’s largest single 3PL Facility with the environment in mind.

Environmentally-Friendly Warehouse Construction

Our 427,000 square foot warehouse was constructed with pre-cast, insulated, concrete walls, rather than using poured concrete or cinder blocks.

View the solar panels installed on our roof.

Energy-Efficient Systems

      Solar Panels

In 2011 Glenway installed solar panels on our warehouse. The electric savings and carbon footprint savings are being tracked by Noveda. The icons and links below show live feeds of data from our solar panels.

Solar Sun Flow

Noveda provides this link to a real time sun flow tracking system from our installed solar panels. Monthly avoided greenhouse emissions are tracked.

Carbon Footprint

This grid shows the live feed of our Glenway warehouse facility’s carbon footprint and energy footprint. The solar panels were installed in the summer and showed an immediate reduction in our carbon footprint.


Our facility’s natural gas heat is regulated by programmed thermostats.  Our pressurized structure keeps the cold air out and the warm air in during the winter months, thus reducing our energy consumption. 


Our warehouse is equipped with motion detecting, energy-efficient lighting which activates only when our staff is working in a specific aisle location.


All of our restroom facilities are equipped with low flow fixtures to reduce our water usage.


Our electric forklifts all have recharging stations governed by timers which are capable of recharging during off-peak hours. 


Glenway separates all recyclables from normal trash.  In addition, we collect, compact and recycle all cardboard used in our business operation.

Green Surroundings

Our warehouse is set on a beautifully landscaped tract of land where we have planted over two hundred and fifty trees and thousands of shrubs.  Twenty percent of our property’s acreage is preserved wetlands.


Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution Services customized to satisfy your company’s needs.

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